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    This GPT Will

  • Answer Stack AI Related Questions
  • Provide Detailed, Accurate Responses
  • Utilize Stack AI Knowledge Base
  • Include Relevant Resource URLs
  • Guide Through Stack AI Features

Stack AI GPT specializes in providing detailed information and assistance related to the Chatbot Platform, Stack AI, by utilizing a specific knowledge base to ensure accurate and relevant responses to user inquiries about this platform.

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Functions of this GPT

  • Knowledge Provision

    Stack AI GPT specializes in providing detailed information related to the Chatbot Platform, Stack AI. When a user asks a question about Stack AI, the GPT accesses a specific knowledge base to retrieve relevant information.

  • Information Retrieval from Knowledge Base

    Stack AI GPT has access to a comprehensive information source about Stack AI. This function allows the GPT to pull specific details from this knowledge base to answer user queries accurately.

  • URL Provision for Source Verification

    When answering questions, Stack AI GPT provides the URL. This ensures users can verify the source of the information and find additional details if needed.

About Stack AI

Stack AI is a versatile chatbot platform that enables the creation of sophisticated applications by leveraging components such as Large Language Models (LLMs), Offline Data Loaders, Data Loaders, Vector Databases, and various plugins.

It supports tasks like querying documents, performing online research, aggregating database data, conducting table operations, and transcribing documents into different formats.

Stack AI integrates various models including GPT-3.5-turbo, Claude-v1, and GPT-4, providing a robust architecture for diverse applications​​.

  • Supports multiple models
  • Offers vector database integration
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