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Mike Friedman is an experienced SEO expert and consultant with a career spanning over two decades. He began his journey in SEO in 2003, initially focusing on his own sites before expanding to offer full-service SEO solutions and consultancy to businesses worldwide in 2007. In 2010, Mike launched The SEO Pub, driven by his desire to counter the misleading tactics of self-proclaimed “gurus” and to provide practical, actionable SEO advice. His approach is grounded in sharing strategies and methodologies that are both practical and applicable to a wide range of businesses, from new entrepreneurs to enterprise-level marketing teams.

Mike is known for his “Tuesday Tips” shared in various Facebook groups, offering weekly insights into effective SEO practices. These tips, along with additional bonus advice, are also available through his newsletter. At The SEO Pub, Mike shares SEO tips and strategies that he personally uses for both his websites and his diverse range of clients, from local businesses to multinational corporations.

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