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Find YouTube Tutorials and Get Advice on Web Design & Development

    This GPT Will

  • Provide Expert WordPress Guidance And Tips
  • Offer Detailed Bricks Builder Usage Insights
  • Enhance Web Design Knowledge And Skills
  • Assist With Web Development Challenges
  • Share Resourceful Tutorials From Kevin's Archive

Kevin Geary’s Tutorials is a specialized GPT designed to offer expert assistance and information on WordPress, Bricks Builder, Web Design, and Development, drawing from a dedicated knowledge base to provide tailored, accurate responses. It is committed to enhancing the user’s understanding and skills in these areas, leveraging a vast array of tutorials and insights to address specific queries.

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Functions of this GPT

  • WordPress Expertise

    Kevin Gearys Tutorials can provide comprehensive guidance on using WordPress, including theme customization, plugin integration, and best practices for website management.

  • Bricks Builder Support

    It offers specialized knowledge in Bricks Builder, assisting users in creating responsive and visually appealing websites with this powerful website builder.

  • Web Design Insights

    Users can gain valuable insights into the latest trends and techniques in web design, helping them create more effective and user-friendly websites.

  • Development Strategies

    It shares effective development strategies, including coding best practices, website optimization, and troubleshooting common issues.

  • Tutorial Access

    It provides access to a wide range of tutorials from the Kevin Geary knowledge base, covering various aspects of web development and design.

About Kevin Geary’s Tutorials

Kevin Geary is a prominent figure in the web design industry, known for his deep expertise and influential teachings.

With over 20 years of experience, he is a veteran agency owner and the creator of Automatic CSS. Geary has made a significant impact by addressing a common problem in web design: the over-reliance on specific page builders rather than mastering the fundamentals. His course, Page Building 101, aims to elevate the skills of freelancers and agency owners. It focuses on empowering web designers to be versatile and proficient in using any professional-level tool, highlighting the need for scalable, maintainable, accessible, and performance-driven web design.

Geary’s approach is characterized by its realism and relevance, making him a trusted and respected figure in the web design community.

  • 20-year industry veteran.
  • Creator of Automatic CSS & Frames
  • Focuses on web design fundamentals.
  • Elevates freelancers and agency owners.
  • Teaches scalable, maintainable web design.
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