Create custom smart contract workflows or tokens ready for blockchain deployment and testing. Just describe any process, objects and roles involved and the GPT will do the rest.

    This GPT Will

  • Tokenize Real-World Assets
  • Create Fungible Tokens
  • Generate Smart Contract Workflows
  • Visualize Contract Flows
  • Simplify Blockchain Deployment

Creates a smart contract ready for deployment (in multiple chain/language). Also gives an image of the contract workflow and a link to further update and deploy it. GPT uses only pre-verified code snippets to compose the smart contract which means the contract is more easily auditable and secure.

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Functions of this GPT

  • Token Generation

    ToolBlox can generate ERC-20 tokens for users, providing essential details such as symbol, address, and a link to the token for further actions.

  • Smart Contract Workflows Creation

    It creates visual workflows for smart contracts related to various processes, including tokenized asset management and loyalty programs, accompanied by a link and an image of the workflow for user review and deployment.

  • Visualization of Smart Contracts

    ToolBlox provides a visual representation of smart contract workflows, making complex processes understandable at a glance through state machine or flow diagram images.

  • DApp Creation Support

    Users can utilize ToolBlox to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) that can be embedded as iframes, enhancing the web integration of blockchain functionalities.

  • Integration with No-code Tools

    ToolBlox aids in integrating smart contracts with no-code platforms like Bubble, allowing users to leverage blockchain technology without deep programming knowledge.

  • Trustworthy and Auditable Contracts

    By using ToolBlox, users can ensure their smart contracts are built from verified and tested components, making them more reliable, easier to audit, and cost-effective in terms of auditing.

  • Custom Token and Workflow Design

    ToolBlox enables the customization of tokens and smart contract workflows according to user needs, supporting unique applications like tokenizing real-world assets or creating specific loyalty point systems.

About ToolBlox

Toolblox is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize the way we create and deploy smart contracts and tokenize real-world assets. By offering an intuitive interface and a seamless integration of APIs, Toolblox empowers users to design, visualize, and implement blockchain-based solutions with unparalleled ease and reliability. Whether you’re looking to tokenize assets, create fungible tokens, or develop complex smart contract workflows, Toolblox provides a robust, user-friendly environment that simplifies the blockchain development process. Its innovative approach ensures that each smart contract is trustworthy, easily auditable, and cost-effective to audit, making blockchain technology accessible to businesses and individuals alike.

  • Simplifies blockchain solution creation
  • Visual smart contract workflow design
  • Easy tokenization of real-world assets
  • Trustworthy and cost-effective smart contracts
  • Supports DApps and no-code integration
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